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We’ve entered the coldest season of the year. That means you’ve probably pulled out your cozy loungewear sets and pushed your favorite spring and summer maxi dresses to the back of your closet by now. We get it. When it’s cold outside, all you want to wear are clothes that are warm and comfy.

But hear us out – maxi dresses aren’t just warm-weather pieces. With a little creative styling and layering, you can easily winterize your maxi dresses. Here are some of our favorite ways to style a maxi dress for cold weather.

Chunky Sweater and Combat Boots

It’s no surprise that we love sweaters and cardigans around here. As soon as it starts getting cold, a cozy sweater is the first thing we want to put on. Sweaters are a wardrobe staple when the temperature drops, not to mention an easy addition that lets you continue wearing your favorite summer maxi dress in the winter. A lightweight cardigan will keep you comfy yet cool inside, but if you plan on being out and about in the snow, wear a chunky sweater over your maxi dress. Add a cool edge to your winter look with a pair of combat boots.

Turtleneck and Knee-High Boots

If the sun’s out, then don’t be afraid to bring out your sleeveless summer maxi dress – just make sure to layer a lightweight turtleneck underneath it. Keep every inch of you protected from Jack Frost by throwing on a pair of knee-high boots. Both practical and fashionable for cold weather, they’ll help pull your look together while keeping your legs warm all winter long.

Winter Hat and Ankle Booties

Woman in winter stylized maxi dress and boots

Long sleeve maxi dresses are perfect for colder weather because, you know, there’s no layering required. What is required are some fun accessories. Toss on a felt hat and suede ankle booties for a simple look that’ll make you feel pretty and keep you looking pretty as they’ll keep you warm and dry.

Faux Fur Fashion

Sure, COVID-19 has kept us all in loungewear for most of this year, but you can’t stay cooped up all winter long. Sooner or later you’ll need to leave the house for work, church or to go on a date. When that time comes, you’ll need something you look and feel good in, and nothing says cozy, chic winter wear like a fluffy faux fur jacket, am I right? We like pairing a cropped faux fur jacket and heels with an ankle-skimmy maxi dress to show off every dazzling detail of your outfit.

Cute Cold Weather Accessories

Top off a maxi dress with a bold blazer and winter accessories, such as scarves and tights. Wrapping a cute scarf around your neck is one of the simplest ways to add a little extra warmth and dimension to an outfit. Worried about sweating? Don’t be. Throw your hair up in a bun with a couple of hair clips. Adding a fun hair clip or two is a quick, trendy way to turn this everyday hairstyle into a photo-worthy updo. Another must-have cold weather accessory is tights. Even though maxi skirts cover your legs, it can still get breezy under there. So pull on a pair of thick opaque tights. No one will see them, but you’ll appreciate this extra layer.

Maxi dresses are the belle of the ball in the summer. But these full-length dresses are just as fabulous and comfortable – and not to mention warmer – when it’s cold, which is why we think maxis are just as stylishly suited for winter as they are for summer.

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