2021 Winter Layering Guide

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As the cold weather continues, you’re probably looking for good ways to look cute and stay warm. We firmly believe that you do not need to sacrifice fashion for function, and that there are plenty of ways to bundle up and look fabulous while doing it.

So what do you need in your wardrobe to make it as easy as possible to layer up for the winter? Take a look at our 2021 winter layering guide to get things started!

Have a Good Base Layer

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a good base layer. Having some warm clothing underneath the rest of your ensemble is sure to keep you cozy and comfortable, an absolute must when braving the chilly weather.

Start with a good long sleeve shirt. We recommend wearing one in a neutral color so that it’s easy to layer your other articles of clothing on top of it. Depending on the temperature outside, you might also want to throw on a pair of leggings or some lined tights if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. And of course, some comfy, thick socks are a great way to go! You’ll be thankful for your warm base layer as soon as you walk out the door into the winter chill.

Incorporate Sweaters and Cardigans

When you think of layering during the wintertime, sweaters and cardigans are probably some of the first things that come to mind. This is for a good reason! Not only are sweaters and cardigans easy to throw on over other articles of clothing, but they are often made of materials designed to bring extra warmth, making them the perfect items for staying warm and looking cute and put together.

Throw on a cute button up shirt and layer an open cardigan over it for a cute and warm look. It’s also easy to incorporate cardigans into dressier ensembles! Throw on a cardigan over your favorite flowy dress to make it a bit more winter friendly, or try out a chunky knit sweater with a denim skirt for a fun cold weather look.

Intentional Accessories

The key to finishing off any outfit is to incorporate the right accessories. Just like adding a cute necklace or the perfect purse can tie your outfit together, having some good cold weather accessories for layering is always a smart move. We recommend having some warm gloves on hand, as well as an assortment of scarves. Scarves can add some fun flair to any outfit, in addition to creating more warmth!

Layering in the wintertime doesn’t have to be complicated! Ensuring that you have a few essentials at your fingertips for those cold months will make it easy to stay warm and look your best as you head out for your day. Consider your wardrobe and which layering pieces you need to add, or which items could use an update so that you can look and feel as cute as possible this winter!

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