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About Us

We believe that in order to dress modestly, you shouldn't have to sacrifice anything. Especially fashion.

Sweet Salt is all about offering clothing that is fashionable, modest, and affordable. We're a triple threat.

We offer everything from tops and skirts to jacketsĀ and slips. You name it, we've got it. We want to offer you the widest selection possible so that anyone can find something they love.

Looking for a top that can be worn alone or layered? We've got it. Want a skirtĀ that is classy, modest and fashionable. We have that too. What about a slip that can be worn with bikes? Or a slip that can extend the length of your dress? You guessed it. We've got it!

Modesty is important to us. And we know it is important to you. But, we also know it can be frustrating to try and comb through stores looking for clothes that are modest. In fact, it takes all the fun out of shopping. We want to make the shopping process enjoyable again. We want you to be able to shop without worry.

Our goal is to give you that "This is so cute! I can't wait to wear it." feeling every time you buy something from us.

So, stay a while. Take a look around our website. We know we have something for you. But, our products are only offered on our website or through Seagull Books and at Time Out for Women events so get it while you can!