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In the fall and winter months, things can get a bit chilly. So, when at all possible, you probably try to stick to wearing warm pants and tops with your favorite outerwear. However, there are times when you need to wear a dress. Whether that be to church, work or you just like wearing dresses, you still need to stay warm. While you can layer your regular everyday jacket over your dress, there are a few ways to make outerwear and dresses look and work better together. Let’s dive in!

The Right Kind of Coats

As mentioned, you can layer your everyday casual coat over the top of your dress. It’s warm and pretty comfortable. However, it probably doesn’t give the look you were going for. So, instead, consider getting a dressy coat or two. These coats are usually made from wool or similar materials, and they can be long, medium or short. The length you choose depends on the look you’re going for as well as how long your dress is.

For example, if you’re wearing a maxi dress with pockets, you should probably layer a coat over the top that hits you around the hips. Or you can wear a longer coat that hits closer to your mid-calf or ankles. Something in between these lengths might look awkward with a longer dress. So, it’s better to avoid that, if possible. However, if you’re wearing a knee-length dress, opt for a dressier coat that also hits around your knees. You’ll want a coat that’s similar in length or just slightly shorter than the dress to give a polished look. 

If you wear dresses quite a bit, such as weekly to church or frequently for work, you might want to invest in a few dressier coats. Start with a neutral coat that’s either black or brown. Then you can add in patterned coats, navy coats, white coats or coats in any color you’d like if it ends up being something that works well with your outfits.

Rain Jackets

If you live somewhere where it rains a lot, you might want to invest in a long rain jacket. Rain jackets can be easily layered over the top of your dresses. However, raincoats are not as much about fashion as they are about utility. You’ll want a coat that covers as much of your dress as it can so you stay dry. Opt for a neutral color if you’ll be in a professional setting, but you can also get these coats in fun patterns or colors if that’s more your style. If it’s raining and also cold outside, you’ll need to layer a bit more since most rain jackets are not built for warmth, but only  to keep you dry. So, you can layer a lighter coat or cardigan underneath for added warmth, as needed. 

Scarves, Hats, Gloves and More

While most coats will help keep the elements off you and keep your dress looking beautiful, what else can you do to stay warm? Well, you can add accessories as if you were going out to play in the snow. Grab a classy pair of lined leather gloves that hit you at the wrist to keep your hands from getting too cold. You can also add a hat to your ensemble pretty effortlessly. Opt for a knitted hat or something that elevates your look rather than the beanie you wear out shoveling or skiing. Just be sure to carry along a brush if you get hat hair. 

Scarves are another great way to layer and add warmth to your winter coat. Simply put your scarf around your neck and tie it however you’d like. You’ll want it to lay as flat as possible, though, so you can easily button your coat. Make sure the scarf protects the back, front and sides of your neck for maximum effect. 

You’ll want at least one set of these accessories (scarf, hat and gloves) in neutral colors like black, brown or cream. You can also add in patterns or splashes of color to match your outfit as you see fit. 

Bonus Tip: Leggings and Tights Are Your New Best Friend (with the right shoes)

Another great way to stay warm and layer while wearing a dress with outerwear is to consider your legs. They’re probably more exposed than the rest of your body, especially if you’re wearing a dress that doesn’t fully cover your legs. Even if you are wearing a maxi dress, adding a leg covering can be super helpful. So, add tights. 

Tights come in so many colors, patterns and styles so there’s sure to be a pair that matches your outfit. However, if you don’t like tights or you need something a little warmer, try a pair of leggings. You can get leggings in textures that actually make them look a lot like tights. However, they are thicker, and you can get fleece-lined leggings which makes them softer, too. 

If you decide to wear leggings and you don’t want anyone to know, you’ll need to pick a particular kind of shoe that covers your foot and ankle. Some favorites include wedged ankle boots or calf-high boots. That way, the end of the leggings will be concealed, and you’ll be much warmer.

Bonus Tip: Choose Warmer Dresses

While this isn’t necessary, it can be helpful to wear non-summer dresses when you’re trying to layer for warmth in the winter. Opt for dresses that are made with thicker materials, aren’t sleeveless and hit you at the knee or lower. By covering yourself with thicker fabrics, it’ll be easier to trap in heat with your coat and accessories.

Hopefully, these tips help you layer more effectively as you wear dresses all through winter. If you’re looking to add some cute dresses and skirts to your closet, Sweet Salt offers gorgeous modest dresses for women in so many colors, styles and lengths. So, you’ll be able to find your new favorite dress you can easily layer over for the perfect dressy winter look! 

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