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There’s no need to sacrifice confidence for comfort when you can have both! Here are four tips that will help you beat the winter blues in style.


Staying warm while dressing confidently can be a daunting task in the winter months. Many of us pile on the blacks and grays to fight off the cold without considering the ways these shades affect our mood amid the long nights and cold weather. There’s no need to sacrifice confidence for comfort when you can have both! Here are four tips that will help you beat the winter blues in style:

Dopamine Dressing 

Do you ever find your wardrobe matching the bleak colors of winter? Whether we’re conscious of it or not, what we wear has a huge impact on our mood. Combat the woes of winter by adding some vibrant colors and patterns to your closet! Dopamine dressing, or mood-enhancement dressing, is a great way to get out of those black and gray moods that thrive in our winter wardrobes.

The best way to approach this is to start small. Put on some white boots, or accessorize with a colorful handbag. Gradually, you can begin to add reds, greens, and blues for a stronger, more vibrant look. As far as patterns go, you may want to begin with something conservative. Consider donning a simple striped scarf before moving on to a bold floral pattern. Watch your mood lift and your spirits brighten as you add flavor to your daily attire. 

Give Black a Break

If you’re feeling intimidated by taking risks with colors and patterns, you can still brighten your wardrobe by embarking on a less extreme route. You may find yourself wearing black too often during the winter time, so change to a navy look for a lighter feel. Although it may seem slight, you would be surprised by how different you feel after this simple adjustment.

You can also try to lighten your look with neutral colors. Brighter shades of tans, browns, and grays can improve the tone of your look without forcing you to jump to the opposite side of the spectrum. Wearing more white is another simple tip that can make a huge difference. Even something as simple as a white belt or pair of earrings may be what it takes to freshen up your winter outfits. 

Bring-Back-Summer Favorites

If you’re the type who is mourning the absence of that perfect summer top during the winter months, mourn no longer. What better way to bring a summer mood to a winter day than by incorporating your best summer looks into your winter wardrobe? 

Layering is a great way to mix summer pieces with winter classics. Consider pairing your favorite short-sleeved top with a cardigan or perhaps a summer dress with tights and boots. You don’t have to wait for a perfect summer day to bring back that spunky summer mood we all miss during the chilly months. 

Be Playful: Experiment!

This last tip is the most versatile: vary your winter wardrobe by experimenting. Layer your look with prints, textures, and color. The possibilities are endless. Try to pair different pieces together each time rather than relying on the same combinations. Additionally, take a break from studs and try more hoops or danglers. 

Focusing on summer patterns, such as polka dots or bright florals, can also add some diversity to your winter closet. Adding a textured piece is another great way to amp up your look while staying warm and cozy. Experiment with what you have already to provide an inexpensive alternative to crafting a new look. Who knows? You may just find a new winter favorite.


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