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The holidays bring with them so many different events and opportunities to spend quality time with family members and friends. Make sure you’re prepared this year with your host gifts pre-planned and your outfits ready to go. Speaking of outfits, does everyone wish the dress code was just spelled out on the invitations? It can be hard to know what to wear if you’re not sure what’s expected. However, if you do know the dress code, or you know how you’ll feel most comfortably dressed, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Business Casual

If you’re attending an office party you might want to consider business casual attire. This probably means wearing bottoms that are a step up from jeans. So, slacks, skirts and even cute modest dresses with tights. If you want to change it up from your day-to-day business attire, grab a sweater in a festive color like red, green or blue to layer over the top. You can also wear a dressier pair of shoes and add some subtle festive jewelry for a polished yet fun look. If you live somewhere cooler, don’t forget that you can also layer a cardigan over the top of a dress or a thin blouse. This can keep you warm and can add a festive splash of color to your outfit.

A Little More Formal Attire

This is a bit dressier than business casual, but it’s not a full-on formal outfit. If you’re unsure of what this looks like, make sure to do your research beforehand. This kind of attire is more polished than something you’d wear to the office or church. However, it’s not usually red carpet formal, either. Opt for a dress in red, green or blue if you want to look festive. If not, black is a favorite color of many when it comes to dresses. Plus, everyone needs at least one little black dress. It’s also a very sleek, classy color that can be dressed up easily. You’ll also want to add jewelry to your outfit. Some people opt for just earrings and bracelets. Others prefer earrings with a matching necklace.

Casual Night Out

One of the most popular dress codes for a holiday party is just casual and comfortable. If you want to stay more on the comfortable side, we’d suggest trendy modest clothing. It’ll keep you warmer and more comfortable. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about anything slipping out while you’re enjoying your time at the party. 

For a casual look, opt for a pair of jeans in your preferred wash and cut. Pair with a cute basic tee in the color you like best. You can wear a long or short sleeve top, and pair it with a long or short cardigan if you want to layer. You’ll also want to grab a cute and comfortable pair of shoes to wear along. Add in some jewelry to add texture and color to your outfit.

If you’d feel more comfortable with a dressy casual look, opt for jeans or leggings in a dark color. Pair them with a trendy and dressy blouse. We've found that neutrals like black, cream and white are always a good way to go. However, red and green blouses will look more festive. Polish the look with some dangly earrings and a cute purse. You can even add a set of wedges or heels to make the outfit even more dressy-casual.

Ugly Sweater Attire

It’s pretty apparent what kind of party you’re going to if it’s an ugly sweater party. These parties are usually full of laughs, white elephant gifts and gags. It goes without saying that these parties will most likely be casual. Ugly sweaters can also be pretty much any kind of sweater imaginable. Go to a thrift store and pick up someone’s Christmas sweater from the 80s. If you’re creative, you can also buy a plain sweater and decorate it yourself for fun. Pom poms, small toys, pipe cleaners, gems, tinsel, glitter, hot glue and so much more will be great additions to your sweater. If you want something pre-made that won’t take much effort, many companies sell ugly Christmas sweaters.

Pair your ugly sweater with jeans or leggings. Throw on some comfy shoes and don’t forget your accessories. Gaudy earrings, bracelets and necklaces can all help top off your outfit. You can also add festive headbands for a fun look.

So, are you ready for your night out on the town? We hope we’ve been able to help! If you’re looking for a few new pieces to add to your outfit, check out our selection at Sweet Salt Clothing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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