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Shopping around the holidays can be so much fun. However, if you aren’t sure what to get someone, it can be a bit stressful. Getting someone a gift that’s meaningful and something they’ll use often is crucial to getting good gifts. Women can be exceptionally difficult to shop for, and we’re here to help relieve some of the difficulty. Here are some holiday gift ideas for the women in your life.

1. New Pillows

Chances are that she’s been using the same old pillows for a while. So, why not treat her to a set of new ones? Everyone loves a good night's sleep, and this might help her get the much-needed shut-eye she’s been lacking.

2. Beauty Items She Loves

This might not be the most creative idea, but you know she’ll like what you’re getting her if you look at the products she’s already using. Does she have a favorite lipstick, a favorite perfume, or maybe a bougie moisturizer that she splurges on? Get these items for her! Products women use every day can get pricey. It’s lovely when someone notices the items we use and gets them for us so we don’t have to worry about repurchasing for a bit longer. Make sure if you’re getting her makeup that you double and triple-check the shades, though.

3. Dress with Pockets

The secret is out, dresses with pockets are a favorite among the ladies. Dresses have been a must for church, formal events and even the office. However, if you wanted to carry along your phone, keys, tissues or even some snacks, you had to bring a bag or you were out of luck. Now, however, dresses are being made with good pockets, and there isn’t a lady who doesn’t love hidden pockets in her favorite dress for carrying all of her necessities.

4. Soft Memory Foam Boots

Another trendy item this fall and winter are Ugg Boots, but they can come with a hefty price tag. These Soft Memory Foam Boots are a good dupe that won’t break the bank. They come in many colors and, if she’s a mom, they will be a great addition to her morning lineup of cozy shoes and outfits.

5. Huggie Hoops

Huggie hoops are one of the biggest trends in jewelry right now. You can get them in a variety of metals and styles. This set will be a cute neutral addition to any of her outfits.

6. Graphic Tee

Graphic tees have been a long-time favorite in the fashion world. Now there are even more options and colors than ever. They also have the added bonus of being modest!

7. Foldable Wagon

If the women in your life are constantly on the go, a foldable wagon will be a very welcome gift. It can be folded up for easy transportation in their car. Then it can be easily unpacked and used to transport everything from kids to items for the office party. It’s such a versatile gift that will get so much use.

8. Chopper for Easier Dinners

If she loves to cook, then this is the gift for her. This veggie chopper will make easy work of any vegetable. So, no more crying over onions or accidentally cutting herself when she’s slicing up carrots. This will make dinner prep a breeze.

9. Gift Card

It might seem like a cop-out, but we promise, it’s not. Some people find gift cards to be boring and impersonal, but they are becoming a favorite of women. Sometimes, ladies prefer to pick their own gifts. There’s something so fun about buying what you want and having the shopping experience behind it, too. If you don’t want to go the gift card route but the woman in your life loves shopping, take her to her favorite store and buy her a few items. Some people like to give them a spending limit or they’ll say something like “anything you can fit in this basket, I’ll buy for you.” It’s the gift of an experience while letting them get something they want, too.

10. Layering Tees

If she likes to dress modestly, layering tees are an amazing gift idea. They can help her convert clothing that’s slightly immodest to modest in seconds. You can get shirts in many colors and sleeve lengths. The tees fit well under everything from dresses that need a little more coverage to just layering them under her favorite cardigan. Layering tees are a versatile part of her wardrobe that she’ll use for years to come.

11. A Cozy Robe

This Barefoot Dreams Robe comes in two different colors and zips up! It’s long, lovely and so warm. It’s a great way to help her keep warm during the cold winter mornings and evenings. Throw in a pair of slippers, and she’ll be all set. 

12. Sleek Portable Phone Battery Pack

Everyone’s phones always seem to be running out of battery. Her phone is no exception. So, get her a sleek, portable phone battery pack that comes with the charging cord attached. So, no more rifling through her purse for multiple charging cords. It’s also low profile, so it can be easily packed away for when she needs it.

13. Handbag 

Another great gift is a handbag. If you’re not sure what to get her, let her browse and show you what she likes. You can also always get her a handbag in a neutral color like black or brown. Most ladies have outfits they can match with a neutral. If you really aren’t sure, make sure to include the receipt in case she’d like something a little different.

14. An Experience

Is her love language quality time? Even if it isn’t, most people love the gift of an experience. So, take her to a restaurant she’s been talking about for the last few months, explore a museum that features her favorite artist or maybe do a weekend staycation to give her a break from everyday life. It can be as big or small as you want it to be. The gift of memories is priceless, though.

15. Sweetheart Stacker Necklace

If the lady you’re shopping for has kids, siblings, pets or just some really great best friends, you can get her a commemorative piece of jewelry. The Sweetheart Stacker Necklace allows you to put custom initials on heart charms that can be added to a necklace. Some people put their kids’ initials on the hearts, others their pets’ initials, or even their significant other's/best friend’s initials. This is a pretty and memorable gift that she can wear every day. 

Hopefully, you’ve found a few new things that she’ll love. No matter what you get her, though, it’s more about the thought you put into it rather than what you spend!

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