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Traveling can be a bit of a stressful experience. Getting packed up and to the airport (or on the road) and getting your family ready to go involves a long list of things to do. You might be wondering–is a travel outfit really that important? It is! Being able to lay out your outfit the night before and wear modest clothing that is comfy is key to a less stressful travel day. So, here are four modest vacation outfits you will love for your next big adventure.

Cute Modest Outfit #1: Joggers and a Tee

You can never go wrong with a comfy set of joggers and a tee shirt. Both joggers and tees come in many styles and patterns. You can go with monochromatic, a mix colors or a neutral bottom and a more fun graphic tee on top. Joggers are best paired with your favorite pair of sneakers or athletic shoes. You could wear them with sandals, but no one wants to be barefoot in an airport. Yuck! 

Add your favorite claw clip to keep your hair out of your face as well as a pair of simple stud earrings. Then sling a cute crossbody bag across your chest. The crossbody is a great place to keep things like your ticket, ID, credit cards, hand sanitizer, ChapStick, etc. It’s easy to use, doesn't get lost (since you don’t really put it down like you would a backpack or purse) and it’s super convenient when traveling.

Cute Modest Outfit #2: Dress with Pockets

Another great travel outfit is a comfy dress with pockets. Now, not all dresses are created equal. Some are for more formal occasions, and that’s not what you’re looking for in a modest vacation outfit unless you need to be especially formal. Select a dress that’s made from a soft breathable fabric in a comfy length. Some people really like maxi dresses for travel since they cover their legs. Also, make sure the dress has pockets. A lot of women love maxi dresses with pockets the best. Having a place at hand for your phone, ChapStick, etc. is a game-changer. Don’t carry your ID in a non-zippered pocket though as it might fall out and get lost.

You can add a cute pair of earrings and a sun hat to complete your look! As for shoes, sneakers are always a go-to when it comes to travel since you might be walking quite a bit and germs are prevalent. Sneakers will help with both. You can use a purse, backpack or crossbody to carry your other items.

Cute Modest Outfit #3: Shorts and a Shirt

If you’re traveling during the warmer months of the year or you’re going somewhere tropical, Bermuda shorts and a shirt can be a great modest vacation outfit. Short shorts can get uncomfortable, and you honestly might not like showing a bunch of skin while traveling. So, opting for long shorts gives you a little more comfort. If you select jean Bermuda shorts, you can wear almost any basic tee, graphic tee or blouse that you want. Just make sure to pick something breathable that won’t get restrictive.

Both of these looks will go best with sneakers or sandals, but again sneakers are more sanitary if you are traveling at the airport. A crossbody bag or backpack would be best with this outfit. You can also add a baseball cap if you’d like a little more coverage from the sun.

Cute Modest Outfit #4: Jeans, Basic Tee, and a Cardigan

Good old classic jeans might be your best option when it comes to traveling. If they’re not too restrictive and they make you feel the most comfortable, then there’s no better choice. You can add your favorite belt and a comfy shirt. Some of our favorites to add to a travel outfit are basic tees, graphic tees or a blouse if you want to be a little dressed up.

As for accessories, this cute modest outfit can go with almost any kind of bag or earrings that you feel comfortable wearing. A hat, a baseball cap or a sun hat are good go-tos to add as well. Again, sneakers and athletic shoes are going to be your best bet. 

The one other thing we would suggest adding to this trendy modest outfit is a cardigan. Find one that is slightly longer and maybe a little chunky. Then simply layer it over your tee. It looks cute and has so many uses. Planes and cars can be cold, so it can keep you warm. It can also be used as a makeshift blanket or pillow in a pinch. If you’re nursing, wearing a cardigan to provide more coverage can also be helpful if you’re wearing a tee. The cardigan will keep your back and side covered. Cardigans and layering are always a great option.

Bonus Tip: Layering

Layering can be so helpful while you’re traveling. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather be too hot and able to take off a layer or two than be too cold with no options? You can start with layering tees, cardigans, sweatshirts, and even coats. You can get packable coats that pack into a small bag so if you want to take it off, you aren’t stuck with a big bulky coat to carry around. 

No matter where or when you’re traveling, if you’re traveling with family or flying solo, you can make it a much more enjoyable experience if you are prepared and comfortable. So, consider getting packed the day before and selecting your outfit at least a day or two in advance. It’s always a good idea to layer and bring a spare set of clothes in case you need them. Having comfy, clean clothes can make travel so much more pleasant! Hopefully, these ideas give you some food for thought for your next big adventure.

If you’re needing a few new cute, modest outfits, Sweet Salt carries so many of these items. Check out our website or visit us in-store at a Seagull store near you.

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