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So, you’re home from your mission. You’ve probably been busy catching up with family, enjoying some much-needed (and much-deserved!) rest, and getting ready for the next chapter of your life. Whether you’re headed to school, working, or maybe trying to decide what’s the best next step, you probably need some new clothes. Not only have trends changed but some of your mission clothes have probably taken a beating. Being worn in different climates and environments, as well as being worn often, can be really rough on your clothes! So, here are a few things you should consider adding to your wardrobe after your mission.

New Skirts

Your skirts probably took a bit of a beating on your mission. After all, you probably wore them quite a bit, and it might be time to retire a few of them. Consider getting some new midi skirts or knee-length skirts. They can be worn for church, at work, or dressed down for casual events. You can never have too many skirts!

Dresses Galore

Dresses are a great staple piece that can be dressed up for church or dressed down for a family barbecue. In addition to being adorable and fun, during the summer, dresses are much cooler to wear than pants or shorts. So, grab a few dresses in different styles and lengths. If you come across a dress that you love that is a bit too short, you can always add a skirt extender. If a dress needs longer sleeves, you can add a cute sweater or cardigan over the top. 

Classic Jeans

You probably didn’t wear jeans very often on your mission, but you will definitely need a few nice, new pairs of jeans once you get home. Make sure to pay attention to the different washes and cuts of jeans. Some washes look best with certain colored tops, and different washes are often trending during different seasons. You might want a lighter-wash pair of jeans for spring and summer, then some darker-wash pairs for fall and winter. However, your jeans should reflect your preference—so get whatever style makes you happiest!

Buying jeans, especially online, can be pretty confusing—not to mention somewhat terrifying. Before buying any pants, be sure to measure yourself, use size charts, and read reviews. Always try jeans on before purchasing if you have the opportunity, and always, always know the store’s return policy. (Trust us on this one.)

Modest Shorts

Maybe you love your jeans, but the truth is, they’re way too hot in the summer. So, shop for a few pairs of modest shorts while you’re pants shopping. Again, pay attention to size charts and reviews before buying. Trying on shorts can be even more critical because if they’re too short or too long, you won’t want to wear them.

Basics for Layering

Everyone needs a few basics. Whether you love layering with basic tees or you enjoy camis to put under your sweaters, make sure to get a few. Grab them in white, black and nude colors at the very least. That way, you always have something to layer under a see-through top, or to give yourself a little more coverage.

A Few Good Tops

Your style may have changed on your mission, or you might just be looking for some different fitting tops. No matter the reason, make sure to grab a few new shirts in neutral colors and maybe throw in some patterns for fun! You can always make your tops look more interesting by adding accessories.


Accessories can totally change any of your outfits. By changing out your earrings or necklace, you can take a dress from formal for church to casual for date night. Make sure you are ready for any occasion and have a few pieces to mix and match with your new clothes. It can be fun to browse scarves, bracelets, and hair accessories as well!

A New Purse or Wallet

Who doesn’t love a new purse or wallet? While this one definitely isn’t a must, it’s really fun! Having one place to carry all of your cards, tissues, chapstick, and whatever else you need will come in handy. Some people love a pocket-sized wallet. Others prefer backpacks or larger handbags as a catch-all. Recently, there have also been people who swear by fanny packs and wear them over their chests. Whatever you prefer, there’s something for all different styles and tastes.

Trends change, but having a place to carry your things with you is a must. Make sure you try out your purse, wallet or backpack to ensure that it’s comfortable to carry around and that you love the look of it. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it. You’re sure to find something you love more elsewhere.


Swimsuits are almost essential during the summer months. Whether you’re moving to an apartment with a pool or you’re looking to swim laps at the gym, a new swimsuit is a great buy. If you don’t love wearing swimsuits, you can always get yourself a rash guard or swimsuit cover-up, as well. These options can be added to a swimsuit you already have!

New Shoes

Some missionaries wear holes through their shoes, but even if your shoes aren’t holey yet, new shoes are a must after the mission. Make sure you get yourself a few good pairs of dressy shoes like heels or flats. Then grab some sandals and sneakers for more casual occasions. You also might want to get a new pair of running shoes for when you exercise. 

No matter what you decide to add or remove from your wardrobe after your mission, make sure you love everything. The movie The Blindside was spot-on with the quote, “If you don’t love it in the store, you won’t wear it.” So, even if you come home and there’s a new clothing trend that everyone is getting into, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. 

If you’re looking for a great place to shop after your mission that carries modest and stylish options, check out our Sweet Salt collections of dresses, skirts, tops, pants and much more.

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