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Take a look at some of our absolute must-have sweater pieces and our favorite ways to wear them!


When it comes to wardrobe staples, sweaters are pretty high up on our list. Between their versatility and coziness, it’s hard to go wrong when you incorporate the right sweater into your ensemble. So what are some of the best sweaters to keep on hand, and how do you style them? Take a look at some of our absolute must-have pieces and our favorite ways to wear them!

Cardigan Sweater

Cardigans are definitely at the top of our list of must-have sweaters. They’re so cozy and extremely easy to pair with other items in your closet, making them an easy go-to for layering. Whether you’re looking for a simple, open-style cardigan or you want something with buttons to change things up a bit, it’s easy to find a wide variety of cardigans so you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

Cardigans can be worn with virtually anything, but one of our favorite go-tos is to layer one over a midi dress. This is an easy way to add a little extra warmth to your favorite flowy dress, so that you can wear them during the colder months of fall and winter.


Mock neck and turtleneck sweaters are another must-have in our book. They’re ideal for especially cold weather, keeping your neck nice and warm in the chill. You might wonder what the difference is between a mock neck sweater and a turtleneck sweater. While they’re both similar, there is a slight difference in neck length. A mock neck sweater has a neck length that typically hits at the middle of your neck, while a turtleneck goes all the way up your neck.

One easy outfit to throw together is a mock neck or turtleneck sweater with a cute skirt. Pair a turtleneck sweater with a cute ruffled neck with your favorite pencil skirt for a simple, feminine look. Tie up a cute scarf in your hair and you’ll be ready to go!

Easy Pullover

Another one of our go-to sweater styles are comfy pullovers. These are incredibly easy to throw on, helping you look cute and stay comfortable throughout the day. Whether you’re going for something with a classic scoop neck or a V-neck, a pullover sweater is the perfect option for anything from a relaxing day indoors to a fun night out with friends.

Pullovers can be worn with just about anything. Throw on one with your favorite pair of jeans, or pair it with one of your favorite midi skirts if you need a more dressed up look. Put on a cute pair of earrings and a necklace and your outfit will be totally set!

A Statement Piece

Everyone should have a few articles of clothing that help them easily make a statement. Whether it’s a sweater with a unique neckline or one made in a vibrant color or print, find something you love that can serve as a statement piece in your wardrobe!

Sweaters are an easy crowd favorite and a classic article of clothing that every woman should have. With so many options, we know it can be a little overwhelming to choose one. As you consider what kinds of sweaters to include in your wardrobe, be sure to consider these Sweet Salt favorites! At the end of the day, what matters most is that you feel cute and comfortable, and a good sweater is always sure to deliver!

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