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Capsule wardrobes have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Check out our must-haves pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe!


Capsule wardrobes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and many are happily jumping on the capsule train. Simply put, a capsule wardrobe consists of intentional, versatile pieces that you love and are easy to pair with one another. Pieces of clothing in a capsule wardrobe should help you feel beautiful and confident, and should stand the test of time. Most capsule wardrobes contain between 30 and 40 pieces. So what specifically should you include in a capsule wardrobe?

Tops and Blouses

The first thing you should focus on is tops and blouses. A good place to start is with a good button up shirt and a reliable white t-shirt. Beyond these two, it’s up to you which shirts you would like to include. Consider which styles and colors you feel most comfortable and confident in. Most capsule wardrobes contain between six to nine tops, so choose carefully!

The Right Pants and Bottoms

The next item you’ll focus on is pants and bottoms. Consider your daily routine and preferences to help you determine which pieces you need. If you’re going to the office every day, a reliable pair of work slacks and a skirt or two are a must. A good pair of jeans is also a must, as well as some shorts for warmer weather. Most capsule wardrobes have between six and eight pairs of bottoms.

Versatile Dresses

Another piece you’ll want to focus on for your capsule wardrobe is dresses. A good dress or two is a wonderful addition to a capsule wardrobe because they create an instant outfit. The classic black dress is an absolute must because it’s easy to accessorize and instantly makes you feel like a million bucks. A comfortable maxi dress or midi dress are also a great addition! One to three dresses will do the trick.

Layers and Outerwear

Next, consider which layering pieces and outerwear you’ll want to include in your capsule wardrobe. A neutral colored cardigan is a great option for days when you need an extra layer, and a reliable coat is a necessity for the cold days of winter. Under this category, you might also consider a warm, thick sweater to provide options and versatility.

Intentional Shoe Choice

Perhaps one of the toughest choices to make for your minimalist wardrobe is deciding which shoes are going to be best. There are three main styles that we recommend: a comfy pair of trainers, a versatile flat, and a pair of heels are all musts. Depending on where you live, you might also need to include a pair of boots in the mix, and perhaps some sandals for the warmer months.


One of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of a capsule wardrobe is jewelry. The right accessories can elevate any ensemble, so take some time and make sure you have a few good pieces of jewelry on hand. Consider which metals you prefer and get some necklaces and earrings that you’re confident will easily go with the articles of clothing you’ve selected.

Putting together a capsule wardrobe can be both exciting and a bit daunting. Selecting intentional pieces that can be paired one with another can be a tall order, but once it’s done, you’ll find that it’s incredibly rewarding and simple to rely on a simplified wardrobe. Set aside some time to consider which articles of clothing and accessories would serve you best and give a capsule wardrobe a try!

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