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One of the major keys to completing your fall wardrobe is cardigans. Learn what makes them so great, and why you need them.


Fall is here and we are all about putting together the best outfits to help you feel cute and confident. One of the major keys to completing your fall wardrobe is cardigans. So comfortable and easily paired with just about everything, this is a piece that we recommend everyone have in their arsenal of clothing. So what makes them so great, and why do you need them?

Easy Layering Piece

First of all, cardigans are an easy and necessary piece for incorporating layering. Sure, you could be ready for the day with just a pair of jeans and a cute blouse, but what if you could take it to the next level? Tuck that blouse in, put on a belt and throw on a stretchy cardigan for a fast, yet effectively elevated ensemble. Having a handful of cute cardigans on hand is an easy way to create opportunities for layering, a total must during fall.

Extremely Versatile

The beauty of a good cardigan is that they are so versatile. You’ll quickly find that there are a number of ways one can be worn and outfits they can be incorporated into. Maybe you’re needing a little something extra to throw on over your favorite graphic tee, or perhaps you’re needing an extra layer to add over the midi dress you’re wearing to your girl’s night. The beauty of a soft cardigan is that this single article of clothing can be paired with essentially everything in your wardrobe, creating infinite opportunities for them to be worn.

So So Cozy

One major plus to incorporating cardigans into your outfits? They are just so cozy! Maybe this is one of the reasons why they are such a must for your fall wardrobe. The summer heat is turning to crisp autumn days, and we are all ready to cuddle up with a warm beverage and a good book. Throw on a cardigan and you have the perfect fall scene. You can be confident that when wearing a cardigan with your outfits, you’re going to be comfy and cozy all day long.

Cardigans with Dresses and Skirts

One of our favorite ways to use cardigans is to layer them over dresses and skirts. Not only is it a cute look, but it’s an easy way to continue using some of your favorite spring and summer dresses into the colder months. Whether it’s a lightweight maxi dress or your favorite skirt, throwing a round neck cardigan on with your dresses and skirts is a great look for fall.

A Few Tips

With so many cardigan options and styles to choose from, how do you know which direction you should go? The first thing we recommend is finding a cardigan that fits right. Sure, it’s fun to have an oversized cardigan, but they can at times look overwhelming, and that’s not what you want. Look for something that fits well in the arms and shoulders. Something else to consider is which colors you should look for. We recommend getting them in neutral colors that are easy to incorporate into your outfits. Fall colors, such as navy and olive, are also great options!

Cardigans truly are one of the key components to putting together the perfect fall wardrobe. Take some time and consider which colors and styles would work best with the other pieces you have and start stocking up! Happy shopping!

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