Why Do I Need a Modern House Dress?

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Modern house dresses have risen in popularity. Learn about all the reasons why you need a modern house dress!


Modern house dresses have risen in popularity, and many women are ditching their sweats and yoga pants and turning to these ultra-soft, super comfy pieces as their new go-to. But what’s the fuss all about? Why do you need a modern house dress? Whether you’re looking for a versatile piece that can be styled various ways or you’re wanting something that can amplify your relaxing evenings, the modern house dress is everything you’re looking for and more.

They’re Incredibly Comfortable

The first thing you’ll notice with a modern house dress is that they provide a level of comfort that is unmatched. Made of stretchy, knit fabric, these dresses have a lightweight quality that never fails to help you to feel cozy and get comfortable. They also feature good skirt length, often hitting below the knee. And did we mention that they have pockets? These dresses check all the boxes when it comes to the ideal piece of clothing, and it’s definitely something you need in your closet, if only for how comfortable they are.

Easy to Dress Up or Down

The term “house dress” originated in the late 19th century to describe the kind of clothing a housewife wore around the house to get the chores done or to run quick errands in. They were intended to be made out of practical and washable fabric and to stand the test of time. While they’re definitely great to wear around the house, that doesn’t mean that that’s where they need to stay! It’s easy to dress up a cocoon dress for a night out with friends, and it’s also easy to dress them down for a lazy night in. You’ll quickly find that this is an extremely versatile piece to have in your wardrobe.

Various Ways to Style Them

Looking for different ways that you can style a drop shoulder modern house dress? You might consider throwing on some fun trainers and a baseball cap for a cute, casual look. Another fun look is to cinch a belt around your waist, put on some fun wedges, and put your hair up in a messy bun with a bandana to top everything off. Or maybe put on your favorite strappy sandals and some fun jewelry. There are so many ways to style a modern house dress to help ensure that you’re able to stay as comfortable and cute as possible!


These modern house dresses have become especially popular among mothers. Whether you’re expecting, tending to a newborn, or wranging toddlers, the modern house dress has become a serious life saver. Pregnant mamas love how stretchy and comfortable these dresses are, providing comfort that is hard to find when carrying a baby. Many house dresses feature buttons or zippers that make breastfeeding or skin-to-skin contact a total breeze, and they’re very easy to wash and maintain, so if your toddlers get something sticky on your skirt, you don’t need to stress it. As they say, the modern house dress is kid-friendly and mother-approved!

A Call for Comfort

Every woman deserves the ability to be comfortable and feel cute. The modern house dress is the perfect piece to have in your wardrobe to make all of your comfort dreams come true. With so many different colors, lengths and styles, you’re sure to find something that fits your personal preference. Check out our selection of Lila Doe dresses, Sweet Salt’s exclusive line of modern house dresses for the modern woman.

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