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Lots of Dots: How to Wear Polka Dots

Polka dots are definitely making a comeback in the fashion scene today. Your first instinct may be to wear the fun and fashionable pattern as is, but if you want to try some new fun and fresh ways to style the dots, try these ideas: • When two different polka dot prints are paired together, […]

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Three Outfits—Under $30!

Check out these three modest outfits—all for under $30! Outfit #1: Sophisticated Blouse and Glamorous Midi Skirt Outfit #2: Scalloped Lace Top and Casual Friday Skirt Outfit #3: Classic 3/4 Sleeve Button Up Top and Melange A-Line Skirt

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Tips on how to keep your clothing looking brand new

There’s nothing worse than ruining your favorite tee or sweater because you laundered it incorrectly. Get the most out of your clothing (and save money too), by following these simple steps below: 1)  WASH ON COLD-Washing on cold can not only extend the life of your clothing (as it preserves color and reduces shrinking), but […]

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We asked our Facebook friends recently what make them happy and we loved all of the responses. Here are some of those inspiring responses of what makes our Facebook friends happy: “Being alive makes me happy! After becoming paralyzed in 1992, I realized that life is too short to be bitter and to never take […]