Ways to Teach Your Children/Teens About Dressing Modestly


We recently asked our customers and Facebook fans about how they have taught their children/teens about dressing modestly. We received an abundance of wonderful advice that we wanted to share!:

“I think its important to dress modestly yourself & to start talking about it early. Explaining that we treat the gift of our bodies with respect & that we can still look beautiful is important.” -Holly

“I teach them to respect themselves by dressing modestly and by doing the same myself.” -Tyra

“You teach them by example. If I don’t dress modestly, my three daughters won’t either. I also pay for all the clothing.” -Rachel

We started when our children were babies. They always wore modest clothing so it never became an issue for them. We dressed modestly as well. We were always dressed nice and trendy without being immodest.” -Karlene

“I think if you dress modestly your children will take notice. Teaching by example is the most influential way. I personally dress modestly because I believe our bodies are gifts we should show respect for and protect from the elements.” -Brittany

“We started making sure their shoulders were covered and shorts and skirts went to their knees literally since birth. Now, our girls know our standards and choose modest clothes themselves.” -Lori

“My mom taught me that I can dress modestly and look good at the same time. You can have both, not just choose between looking good and dressing modestly.” -Pramudita

“I only have boys but I think modesty isn’t just for girls, it’s important to teach it to our boys as well. If they are wearing dress shirts they wear T-shirts under, if they raise there arms and I see skin the shirt is to small, in the summer they wear swim shirts, I try not to let them go without a shirt. Also my husband and I of course set the example.” -Jennifer

My daughter is only 2, BUT it’s never too early right?! I buy her longer shorts, t-shirts for the summer and a bathing suit that’s modest. Hopefully if I can get her in the habit now of dressing modestly and continue to teach her as she gets older she will know how important it is! I love all this advice I can use as she gets older too!” -Sara

“It comes within, too. If you aren’t happy with yourself , it shows on the outside. I have two daughters. It is very important for them to dress modestly.” -Tiffany

“Head, shoulders, knees & toes. Can you do the motions of the song without showing off anything that should stay covered?” -Joell

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