Ultimate Modest Layering Tees: Layered or alone, they are wardrobe essentials


By: Whitney Butters Wilde

Layered or alone, Sweet Salt’s modest line of Ultimate Layering Tees are essentials in every wardrobe. Whether it’s during the heat of summer, the cold of winter or the brisk spring or fall, these tees can add color and modesty to your wardrobe year-round. Here is a guide to the modest tees and how to wear them:

Sweet Salt Ultimate Modest Layering Tee
While each of the Ultimate Tee styles is useful, Ultimate Modest Layering Tees are a must-have for anyone seeking for a modest wardrobe. Modest Layering Tees can be worn alone, but their true power comes in its ability to take any shirt and make it modest. Low-cut necklines and see-through material are no longer concerns when a Modest Layering Tee is factored in.

The neckline on these tees allow the style to work with almost any shirt or dress, and the sleeves fully cover the shoulder without being too bulky.

White and black Modest Layering Tees are neutral staples, as they will match almost any color top shirt. Antique White, Natural and Navy can also act as neutrals yet also add a bit of variety at the same time. Be on the lookout for Modest Layering Tees in brighter colors, which can add a pop of color to your outfits.

Unless you plan on wearing a Modest Layering Tee on its own, buy this style in a snug fit so it can easily go under any blouse or sweater without creating bunching underneath.

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Sweet Salt Classic Ultimate Crew Tee
Classic Ultimate Crew Tees fill many of the same functions of the Modest Layering Tee but provide a higher neckline. While Modest Layering Tees hit an inch or two below the collarbone, Crew Tees rest at or slightly above.

The higher neckline works especially well when paired with camisoles, spaghetti-strap dresses or transparent blouses with similar higher necklines.

Classic Ultimate Long Sleeve Tee
When the snow flies and hot chocolate warms is the perfect time to pull out your Classic Ultimate Long Sleeve Tees. These tees work well for winter and fall layering, allowing you to wear some of your favorite lighter blouses even when the weather is cold.

Long Sleeve Tees can be versatile wardrobe items as they can be worn alone or under other clothing. Wear one with a vest, scarf, hat or boots, or a combination of any of those, for a cozy winter look.

Sweet Salt Classic Ultimate Half Sleeve Tee
Ultimate Half Sleeve Tees, as the name suggests, are the halfway point between a Crew Tee and Long Sleeve Tee. Whether alone or layered, the half sleeves can add a bit more of a polished look, especially when paired with a statement necklace. Wearing a sweater over or a short sleeve shirt under a blouse are both great options, but consider a Half Sleeve Tee to add a totally new dimension. This works especially well for creating a fresh look for a sleeveless dress.

Half Sleeve Tees can also be worn with a skirt or jeans.

Ultimate V-Neck
Unlike other Ultimate Tees, the Ultimate V-Neck is one that will rarely, if ever, be layered under another shirt. Instead, this specific style is more of a top layer to wear with a skirt, jeans or dress pants.

Black and white Ultimate V-Necks allow limitless possibilities as they match multiple skirts in your closet, but brighter colors are also available for variety and often coordinate well with the colors offered in Sweet Salt’s line of modest skirts.

Buy Ultimate V-Necks with a more loose fit and wear an Ultimate Crew or Modest Layering Tee underneath.

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