Summer Fashion Trend: Summer skirts


Summer skirts are here to stay! With temperatures reaching triple digits in many areas of the country, women are trying to stay stylish but also keep cool, when it comes to their wardrobe.

Sometimes modest shorts are hard to find, and capris can be uncomfortable and keep you too warm in scorching summer weather. (And wearing pants are out of the question!) Many women are turning to comfortable and breathable summer skirts to get them through June through August.

Here are some tips on picking the perfect modest summer skirts:
1) Pick a skirt that doesn’t hug your body. The skirt should be movable and breathable for added comfort.
2) Pick a skirt with a good fabric, that can easily be laundered and can endure wash and wear. (Viscose, rayon, cotton, and polyester are great options—and are all lighter fabrics.)
3) Stock up on neutral colored skirts that can be mixed and matched with a variety of tops and tees.
4) Consider maxi skirts—although they are longer, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will keep you warm in hot summer months. If you get a good, breathable fabric, a maxi can be comfortable and stylish.
5) Although you’ll want neutrals in your summer wardrobe, get a few fun summer print and patterned skirts for special occasions or a trip to the beach or pool.
6) Denim skirts are a great investment for summer! Just like jeans are your go-to item during fall and winter months, a denim skirt is a great item to have, because denim is so versatile and easy to care for.

Here are some of our Sweet Salt Clothing picks for summer skirts:

A-Line Summer Skirt:

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Maxi Summer Skirt:

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Bold Color Summer Skirt:

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Easy Wash and Wear Polyester Summer Skirt:

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