Q&A with Beauty and Skincare Expert Daisy Jing


Beauty Expert Daisy Jing

“Skin is the first thing someone knows about you.”
If Daisy Jing were to put a phrase on a tote bag, that would be it. That’s because Jing, a YouTube vlogger and entrepreneur, takes a holistic approach to beauty, encouraging women to make the most of the skin they’re in.

As a Chinese teen growing up in Minnesota, Jing had to carve out a niche for herself in a world where, seemingly, nobody looked like her. And she put that outsider mentality to use by building a thriving YouTube community and Banish — a skincare range designed to empower women. “I believe that God created us for a purpose,” Jing explains. “That’s why it’s important to have confidence so we can go out and fulfill our potential.”

Speaking from Portugal (she’s an avid traveller), Jing answered questions about her success, named a few of her favorite products, and explained just how she got into the business of beauty.

Why did you decide to start making YouTube videos for strangers?
I started getting acne when I was in third grade. I was always teased about my skin, and I didn’t really want to talk to anyone about it because I was so embarrassed. But then I found this community of people with acne who shared their struggles and experiences with the products they used on YouTube. I thought it was cool how a lot of different people out there — different ages, races, and ethnicities — were talking about their skin issues. I wanted to help other people who might be struggling with the same thing.

You originally kept your YouTube channel secret. Why?
It was kind of intimidating being so vulnerable talking about the skin issues I was trying to solve. But then my following grew, and I had to, sort of, come out. But that really was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Now you have your own line of skincare products. Was that always in your plans?
Banish wasn’t something I meant to create. I happened to use a few products I’d concocted in some of my videos and people started noticing. And then they wanted to buy what I was using. Now it’s grown into a business.

What are your favorite beauty products right now?
I’ve tried so many different products — I literally could open my own Ulta or Sephora because of all the products I have tried, owned, and researched. Here are my four current favorites:

  • The Becca Highlighter, $38: “I love putting it on my cheeks or the bridge of my nose. It’s something that’s so easy but gives your skin a beautiful glow.”
  • Big Brow Pencil, $21: “It has just enough wax to be sticky, but it’s not chunky on your brows.”
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $64: “It gives nice coverage, but it doesn’t look like a pancake. And it kind of mattifies my skin.”
  • Banish Pore Smasher, $39: “It’s a roller you put in your freezer and then glide on your face. It really tightens my skin up.”

Any last skincare tips as we wrap up summer?
Right now, it’s all about moisturizing and getting the skin hydrated. First, use a humidifier at home to make sure your air isn’t super dry. Second, you should use a spray regularly. I really like our Vitamin C Beauty Elixir because it has no alcohols, which can give you a tingly feeling but, ultimately, dry out your skin. And since you probably have some dry patches from being outside in the sun this summer, consider using a peel or a mask to reveal the fresh skin underneath.

By Megan Bingham

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