Lots of Dots: How to Wear Polka Dots


Polka dots are definitely making a comeback in the fashion scene today. Your first instinct may be to wear the fun and fashionable pattern as is, but if you want to try some new fun and fresh ways to style the dots, try these ideas:

• When two different polka dot prints are paired together, vary the dot size. Wearing a smaller dot on top, and a larger polka dot print on the bottom (or vice versa) is a new trend that is getting some traction right now in the fashion world. Instead of wearing the same size polka dot head to toe, try mixing it up a bit with varied dot sizes.

• Try mixing a polka dot print with different patterned print. When matching a polka dot item with a print, make sure that the print is in the same color tone/family as the polka dot print color. This is a fun, new and bold trend. It may seem intimidating to wear a dot with a print, but it is easier to style than you think. The patterns don’t have to match per se, but the two print colors must “go” together, by being complementary or matching colors.

• Wear polka dots with a bold color. This trend is a great way to make a polka dot outfit stand out. Pair a great polka dot top with a bold skirt, or vice versa. Pairing a bold color with a polka dot print, highlights the cute dot pattern.

• Consider a modest polka dot dress. Polka dot dresses are such a popular trend right now! You can also mix and match a polka dot dress with your favorite modest cardigan or blazer. Polka dot dresses are also fun to accessorize with fun statement jewelry or a belt. To purchase this polka dot dress, click here.


Don’t be afraid to try some of these new ways to wear a classic favorite!

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